Green Galaxy Homes specializes in Private Property Development Projects; including Multi-Family and Single Family Development, Backyard Homes, Manufactured & Modular Homes, and Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)  


about us

May 8, 2012 Green Galaxy Homes, Inc was officially incorporated in the State of CA Since that time we have put together a team of industry experts in Advance Building Materials and Technologies that specialize in new construction. They are a team of experts well trained in the latest Green Building Standards.


Together we are united with one simple business philosophy, "Provide our clients with the highest quality and value for the money." We can do this by bringing Project Management Methodologies used by large scale commercial builders into the private residential building market place.



As your partner we will provide the best building solution for your budget, location and time line! We are a local business with global affiliations. With the ability to provide factory direct pricing, Green Galaxy Homes, offers a time-saving, stress free solution to building your project with a unique Plan - Design - Build Process.




We pride ourselves on using sustainable building materials that not only benefit the earth but save owners money. With California's New Construction Residential Regulations, i.e. Assembly Bill 32, this new legislation will require that all New Construction Residential Homes to be built to Net-Zero Energy Standards by 2020.

"The advanced building technologies and materials that we implement allow us to save you time and money without sacrificing quality workmanship.  Together we are united with one simple business philosophy, "Provide our clients with the best value for their money" 


Our advanced design and building technologies will manage time and control costs. Ask us how our unique PLAN - DESIGN - BUILD Process can help YOU save time and money! 

The benefit of an independent team of professionals managing a project is enormous. Contact us for your FREE initial consultation to discuss your building goals and budget!      

With any construction type, Green Galaxy can pass on MAXIMUM SAVINGS straight to the customer by offering local, factory direct solutions, straight from the dealer!    

We want to help you bring your home to life! Register here and you will receive a $2,500 credit towards custom home designs!         

Are you a Builder, Engineer, Architect, Contractor, or would like to learn more about partnering with Green Galaxy Home? Contact us!    

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