Backyard Homes

Affordable Accessory Dwelling Units

Green Galaxy Homes is the best Californian resource for building your backyard home, also known as an accessory dwelling unit (ADU). As a local business with over a decade’s worth of experience managing building projects, we care about the final outcome of your dream home! Green Galaxy Homes has partnered with local engineers, architects, energy consultants, and general contractors who are well-trained in the latest green building standards with impeccable industry credentials. Together, we can complete your project on time without breaking the bank.

What is a Backyard Home or ADU?

Backyard houses, also known as additional dwelling units (ADUs), are self-contained, smaller living dwellings on the same lot of a single-family house. It is either attached to the main house, or it’s detached as a separate, standalone home. Typically, they are independent cottages or serve as guest houses.

Benefits of a backyard home

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Use as a rental unit for additional income
  • Provide a beautiful home for aging parents
  • Lower energy usage
  • Functional space for visiting family members and friends
  • Endless possibilities, such as becoming a home office, storage unit, or anything of your heart's desire!

How Affordable is a Backyard Home?

Many communities have adopted exemptions, fee waivers, or fee reductions for a growing list of fees normally charged for residential development.

Some examples: impact fee exemptions, discounted building or planning fees, reduced sewer and water connection fees, reduction of design/development requirements such as parking spaces, reduction of development costs, allowed modification of dimensional requirements such as setbacks, building height, and lot coverage to make additional units possible.

This has been clearly documented by both public and private housing groups, showing the nature and the extent of this affordable housing crisis.

Backyard homes are an inexpensive way to provide the answers that homeowners seek for rental income, in-law spaces, granny flats, home offices, and so much more.

With many families facing the prospect of having to arrange care and housing for their aging or elderly parents, in-laws, and other relatives, secondary dwelling units offer a practical and affordable solution. A backyard house located on their own home’s property allows homeowners to care for their elderly family members in a semi-independent living arrangement.

Parents and Family

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The possibilities are endless.

If you’d like to discover the possibilities of having a backyard home or already have a home project in mind, we’d love to connect with you! Explore the floor plans we have available, or reach out to us and let us help you customize your new home to match your vision.