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A good project manager is like the glue holding the process together. They educate and lead owners through the challenges of design and construction. The benefit of having an independent team of professionals like Green Galaxy Homes manage your project, whether big or small, is invaluable.

Green Galaxy Homes Project Management

General contractors are in business to make money. There will be times during any project where the general contractor has a decision to make that will, in some way, effect the outcome of the project. The decisions they make will typically be cost-driven – this is where the interests of the general contractor and the owner diverge.

At Green Galaxy Homes, our priority is to provide our clients with the highest quality and value for their money. As your project management team, we strive to achieve the following:

We're an objective, experienced representative.
We're here to protect our clients' and projects' best interests first and foremost.

We focus on delivering value by identifying your goals relative to budget and quality and ensuring their timely delivery. Green Galaxy Homes will centralize communication, acting as a project liaison to fully and seamlessly integrate all participants.

We'll enhance the quality control of your project to reduce potential for defects and poor workmanship; protect you, the owner, from unnecessary liability. With respect to your project goals, we'll optimize and accelerate the design and construction schedule in an effort to meet your ideal timeline.
You'll get the best "bang for your buck."
It matters to the team at Green Galaxy Homes that you're getting the best value and service for your money. Consequently, as your project management team, we'll work with the general contractor to provide a realistic and reliable budget that works for you.

We'll also reduce overall project costs, which are usually well in excess of their fees. Savings include enhanced competitive bidding, contract negotiation, value engineering, reduced change orders, reduction in time, and elimination of unnecessary scope and costs.

By working with us, you can see your savings begin to accumulate immediately. Green Galaxy Homes will eliminate change orders upfront to reduce the construction time by up to 50% and lower construction financing costs as well.
We'll provide the management expertise you need and offer resources whenever needed.
Green Galaxy Homes serves you as an objective and experienced homeowner's representative. As a project manager, we protect your interests first and foremost and can back that up with a 20-year manufactured homeowner's warranty on SIP-related projects.

We're able to advise our client on how to retain the best-qualified and appropriate project team, along with provide cost-effective documentation - including contract negotiation, insurance review, and substantiation on invoices of all project participants to ensure correctness.

Our Building Process

Our Plan-Design-Build process will coordinate and prioritize every task along the way, thereby accelerating the entire building process, which will save you time and money.


During the planning stage, we will contact the building and planning departments to gather information from your local jurisdiction on regulations and restrictions that apply to your site address.


Our design team will assess and design your project to comply with your property access and unique buiding requirements. During this time, you will design the interior and exterior features of your home.


During the permitting process, your project coordinator will gather all necessary plans and documents needed to obtain a building permit.


We provide bids upon the Engineered Plans and the Permit Package. Construction Contracting, Management, Scheduling, and Coordination of all Construction is included in our sevices.

We'll Handle the Project

You Sit Back and Relax

It’s hard enough to get contractors or engineers on the phone, let alone schedule a job for you. Green Galaxy Homes has relationships with many trustworthy vendors that will fight for your business!

There are a lot of steps in moving your project forward. Let us work for you so your project doesn’t get delayed – after all, time is money!

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